Wrong Turn, 2021 – ★★★½

As I wasn’t particularly enamored with the original Wrong Turn films that trod some WELL trodden ground, this remake that is hardly a remake at all makes many right moves. It’s an odd beast, because it seems at once a film and its sequel intercut. This structure would be great were it not nearly 2 hours. The Foundation’s story is reasonable, until you see the true darkness below it (literally). Good performances from the leads help to elevate it. But why does the true climax happen during the credits, when it could just as well have happened before that smash cut to the title? Why did no one mention that if they were just trying ti help him down the mountain they wouldn’t have put a bag over his head. Some perplexing decisions and some super-powered backwoods folk take this down a notch, but it’s far closer to Deliverance than Chainsaw.

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