Osgood as She Gets

Series: The Spectral Inspector  •  Genre: Horror/Supernatural  •  Imprint: Horror & Carnage Press

Coming Leap Day! 2/29/24 

Within the mysterious confines of Chicago's Andersonville neighborhood, Prudence Osgood, 45, queer AF, tormented by chronic pain, opioid addiction, and a tempestuous relationship with alcohol, captains The Spectral Inspectors—an ensemble of ghost hunters, each wrestling with their inner ghosts. In “Osgood as She Gets,” the third installment of The Spectral Inspector series, a sinister phenomenon known as The Graveyard Game emerges, drawing in fearless teenagers who dare to confront their own mortality by gazing into the hooded statue's eyes. As suicides surge, a chilling question arises: Is this disturbing game to blame, or does it have a connection to the elusive North Side Slasher? With time running out, The Spectral Inspectors must unravel the mystery that threatens their beloved city.

Osgood as She Gets delves deep into themes of regret, survivor's guilt, the relentless fight for survival, and the haunting art of letting go. With a tone that balances moments of light-heartedness and warmth with periods of profound introspection and spine-tingling terror, this novel invites you to join Osgood, Audrey, and Zack as they navigate the twisted realms of the supernatural. Can they unearth the truth before the shadows swallow them whole?

This is The Spectral Inspector, Book III. For Book I, check out Osgood as Gone. For Book II, check out Osgood Riddance.

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