I'm determined to do it. I'm determined to create a fully virtual version of my favorite place on earth, Desire Resort, Riviera Maya.

But why?

There are a lot of reasons. First, it's a place that seems to exist outside of time, and like so many big events in life, so much is wiped off the brain when you leave. Having a place I can go, even just virtual, would make it so much easier.

Second, and perhaps more importantly, this may well be our last year at Desire Resorts. Ten trips, and that might be the end, as the resort has decided they no longer want to do takeovers, as apparently the timeshare folk get pissy when they can't join on that one week a year… And I won't participate in any place any longer that would discriminate against my friends for their sexuality or proclivities, especially for such a “welcoming” place.

The most welcoming elements of Desire Resort over the last decade has been The Swingset slowly eroding their nonsense rules (no gay couples, no triads, bi guys should play in secret, male bodied folk must wear male clothing and vise versa. We changed all of that. And I can't go back again, to the way it once was, a resort overflowing with highly couple-oriented groups, individually taking all they can, and a shocking amount of non-consent and Trumpers.

I won't do it.

But here, in Project Virtual Desire, I'll have a place I can go. Forever.

It starts with this google maps image:


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