Osgood as Gone

Series: The Spectral Inspector  •  Genre: Horror/Supernatural  •  Imprint: Horror & Carnage Press

Once, Osgood and Frost were the up-and-coming stars of the burgeoning paranormal investigation TV show craze before a hoax put an end to their friendship, partnership, and television careers. Now, over a decade later, Prudence Osgood is a barely-functioning alcoholic ghosthunter for hire. Her yearning for mystery and adventure is reignited when she receives a cryptic, untraceable email. She can't resist embarking on an investigation that tugs threads winding through a sinister series of disappearances, her former partner's family, and a night twenty years ago when a semi blew a yellow light and nearly killed her.

Reviewers are calling Osgood as Gone “a masterfully vulnerable and relatable 21st Century horror story” and “a bourbon soaked supernatural mystery” with “sparkling dialogue” that “sticks the landing on LGBT+ characters,” and main character Prudence Osgood “as tortured as she is clever,” “broken in all the best ways,” and “a true heroine for our times.”

Osgood as Gone is the entry point for The Spectral Inspector series of supernatural horror mysteries. Each book will be self contained, but also connect to the overarching storyline. Book II: Osgood Riddance will be released in October, 2019.

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