A Life Less Monogamous


One couple questioning their commitments. Another couple coloring outside the boundaries of sexuality in an open relationship.

Jennifer and Ryan Lambert have reached the very edge of their marital contentment, wondering if this is just what modern marriage looks like. When they meet the Shepards, they find Bruce and Paige so very sophisticated, witty…sexy. The Shepards don't seem to have any of the boredom that has creeped into their own marriage. They're at ease, they're funny, they're…flirty?

Everything makes more sense when Jennifer and Ryan find out the truth about Bruce and Paige. The Shepards are swingers, and the Lamberts want in.

The next several months of their lives will be a wild ride through the intense hedonistic world of the swinging lifestyle. Can Ryan and Jennifer's marriage survive living A Life Less Monogamous, an erotic journey of orgies, swingers parties, miscommunication, surprise attraction, and exploring sexuality.

About A Life Less Monogamous:

A Life Less Monogamous is the first book in The Books of the Swingularity series of erotic novels about swinging & polyamory. Each book is self contained, but also connect to the overarching storyline. A Life Less Monogamous is followed by Approaching the Swingularity. Book III: Constellations of Us will be coming soon eventually.

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