Velvet Buzzsaw, 2019 – ★★★★

So mad I slept on this film for so long! Dan Gilroy has managed to create he most Lovecraftian movie without monsters ever. The monsters are the predators of the art world, but also something unseen, unknown, behind. We get hints at it, but they don’t really add up to anything. That’s the beauty of Lovecraft, too, the things happening simply ARE. Top notch acting across the board, but Jake Gyllenhaal delivers a campy great time. Other standouts are Malkovich’s desperate to rekindle his creativity artist and Daveed Diggs as an up and comer whose art we never see, but who is infatuated with the phantasmic artist behind the work of the film. What’s really lovely here is that this nebulous artist whose work destroys minds, careers, lives, also infects other works of art around his work, leading to a particularly great surprise final kill. Thoroughly enjoyed.

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