V/H/S: Viral, 2014 – ★½

The first two V/H/S movies were certainly not horror masterpieces, but each had their fair share of scary segments. Viral isn’t even scary accidentally. The wraparound story is barely there and doesn’t make any sense. One of the segments of this “found footage” horror is a documentary. The others frequently break the “camera rules.” (Ie, holding your cell doesn’t automagically capture your face, your phone, your feet, all in separate angles. The worst of the bunch may be Parallel Monsters, which populates an identical parallel dimension with devil worshippers with monstrous genitals. (So, in this universe, doesn’t anyone go down on women?!) The only standout (because it reaches mediocre) is a Tijuana based entry with quite effective skeleton monsters. Woefully obtuse in its storytelling and execution, V/H/S Viral fails to make any sense as a whole, right down to the fact that literally NONE of these segments were shot on VHS.

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