The Woman, 2011 – ★★★★

A demented, yet supremely confident film. It wears its weirdness up front and never shies away, in the absurdity of the premise, in the shot and soundtrack selections, in the late film character introduction. Director Lucky McKee shows a bizarre amount of control over the insanity, and one must absolutely respect him for that. Populated by some recurring genre greats, notably my personal favorites Angela Bettis and Disney eyed Lauren Ashley Carter. An incredibly brave performance also comes from Polyanna McIntosh as the titular Woman, who has to communicate her performance entirely through facial expression, hisses, and grunts. Predictably, this disgusting toxic male fantasy of ownership over a woman as lesser, comes tumbling down by the end, but not before the two men in the family become utterly detestable. It at once feels like a throwback to chauvinistic 70s exploitation horror and feminist allegory, which is a dichotomy that i believe my gender identity disqualifies me from commenting on further.

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