The Strangers: Prey at Night, 2018 – ★★★½

The original film The Strangers was bleak and brutal, much like Funny Games (a film I hate) which definitely inspired it. It was well made and well performed, but ultimately no fun. He Strangers: Prey at Night gives us the fun. Soaking up the neon drenched aesthetics and synth score of the 80s revival, Prey creates the high tension atmosphere of the first, the bleakness as well, without being a dark gaping hole you have to confront yourself in. (Just me?) The film is stylish and well made, with some great setpieces, the pool/Total Eclipse of the Heart scene is a standout, while still giving us something the original; sorely lacked: catharsis. But must we write off badass Christina Hendricks as simply “mom”? I would’ve loved to see the female/male roles switched for most of the runtime.

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