The Pyramid, 2014 – ★★ (contains spoilers)

This review may contain spoilers.

Very much akin to As Above So Below, The Pyramid is ostensibly a found footage movie of people going deep within a newly discovered underground pyramid. The claustrophobia is very real and is frequently terrifying. The problems come in mediocre acting and motivations, dodgy CGI, and the cardinal sin of any found footage film, it abandons the “found footage” aspect as soon as and as often as necessary. The film may have been fine as non-found footage, or entirely FF, but without committing to one or the other, it's far less compelling than it might otherwise have been. The film also unfortunately leaves us with one of the most irritating characters by the end to follow. It all would have been far better had we seen the monster FAR FAR less, as something conceptually interesting is often just silly when put on screen.

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