The Lure, 2015 – ★★★★½

Audacious and whimsical and horrifying. The Lure may be the faithful Little Mermaid adaptation that we will never see from Disney. The lead performances are stellar, especially those of our two mermaids and lead lounge singer. Mermaid mythology has existed so long but been exploited so rarely, so we get something that feels familiar and ancient, but never are able to get ahead of the story. As always, I’m impressed by how balls out foreign films are willing to go, with numerous full frontal nude shots and an uncomfortable glimpse of mermaid vulva that puts The Lighthouse to shame. The fact that it’s a musical, and is set in the 80s makes for a truly surreal viewing experience, and there are moments of sheer transcendence on display, especially in an incredibly uncomfortably erotic scene between a female cop and one of our mermaids. I will not soon forget The Lure.

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