Run Hide Fight, 2020 – ★★★★ (contains spoilers)

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This is a complicated one. On one hand I'm staunchly anti-gun. On the other, there's nothing that gets my fire going like a base under siege or revenge story. Ever since sitting on the couch, watching Columbine happen, I've wanted to write Die Hard in a school. We get off a little on the idea of the one good guy going up against the baddies. Well, the baddies in this film are unambiguously bad. And the good guy, well her father probably supports the NRA. But that doesn't make this any less a rousing version of Die Hard in a school.

We watch the horrors in film because it helps us deal with the horrors around us. And many will have issue with seeing any type of entertainment coming with a societal epidemic like these types of shootings. But I'll tell you one thing, after two shootings in two weeks, and no one seemingly ready to actually do anything about it, like getting rid of the guns, it was nice to see a badass woman take down some motherfucking murderers.

Also, Barbara Crampton, Treat Williams, Tom Jane, and Rhada Mitchell are all great in it.

Now, a note, learning that this is the first film actually produced by The Daily Wire makes me seriously pause, and this is something I only learned after the film. It's odd, because I really didn't feel any major flag waving or rah-rah guns. Guns do more damage than good here.

Shit. I can't in good conscience recommend paying for this movie. And i truly don't know what to do with that.

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