Relic, 2020 – ★★★★

Could very well be the definition of slow burn horror. Many films have mined the very real cycle of the horrors and ravages of age both in ourselves and our parents for metaphorical horror. Relic shows, vividly, the difficulties we face as adults taking care of our aging parents, and metaphorically through a ghost story that reveals nearly nothing of itself. What we do see is heartbreaking. The post-it reminders of ones own identity, the questioning of where those around us who loved us have gone. There isn’t a single jump scare to be found, instead layer upon layer of dread with elements of the horror both real and metaphysical lurking on the sidelines until it can wait no more. Especially effective is the momentary fun-house like extension of the world, trapping our leads until they don’t know where to turn. Three very strong performances. But man oh man is it bleak.

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