Nina Forever, 2015 – ★★★★½

What a great flick! Nina Forever wears its metaphor unabashedly upfront, showing us the very real lingering trauma that the death of a loved one, or someone you’re dating loved, can cause and how it stays with you. Clan Barry is good as the center of this very odd love triangle, but it’s Fiona O’Shaughnessy’s wonderful performance as the very dead Nina that wins the day. Her vocal delivery raspy and whispering (because they’re glass in her throat) and her horrible movements (because she’s both broken and very dead) are a wonder to behold. Opposite Nina is Holly, played by Abigail Hardingham, at once the impetus and detriment to this situation. Her attempts to coddle her dead paramour and then to eradicate her is desperate and haunted. And it’s all very funny as it’s horrifying and heartbreaking. Very well played Ben Blaine & Chris Blaine.

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