I Blame Society, 2020 – ★★★

Got to admit, I appreciate this film more seeing all the guys triggered by it. Gillian Wallace Horvat writes, directs, and stars in an indie film that clearly doesn’t compromise its vision for better or worse. The documentary of a serial killer has been told before, but not from this point of view, and that I applaud. Horvat’s performance may be uneven, but it’s emotionally consistent and raw, and while I’m unsure if I believe all the tonal shifts (like her pet dude at the end) I enjoyed the ride to get there. And as unhinged as Horvat gets toward the end, seeming desperate to convince herself of her value as a filmmaker in this circumstance, it can often be a joy to watch. As a one time indie filmmaker myself, I thoroughly appreciate the economy of writing the gopros and phones into your script.

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