Halloween Party, 2019 – ★★★½

What a surprising delight. A film that doesn’t necessarily give us anything NEW new, and flagrantly borrows a plot twist from The Ring, but is a fun twist on chain letter horrors and, of course, the aforementioned original viral video, The Ring. The leads Amy Groening and T. Thomason are quite likable and their chemistry is nice. Unfortunately, this is one of the rare short horror flicks that cries out for an extra half hour of screentime. The villains, (while a problematic ableist nightmare) are rather fascinating, and the investigation could’ve used more time to grow. It also uses a bit too much CGI while prosthetics are plenty scarey, and especially towards the end, seems to lose track of its own mythos, but like so many horror greats, it’s not hard to overlook some problems.

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