Confessional, 2019 – ★★★½

As a one-time indie filmmaker myself, I thoroughly appreciate an economy of locations indie. Confessional is a great example of what can be done simply and still be effective. This simple confessional/documentary setup showcases the actors exclusively. The story calls for intensity, and the actors deliver that, both to their triumph and peril. The problem with beginning with intensity is that it can quickly become one note or overwrought, and a few of these actors get lost down that path, or simply fall into the community theater emoting style. Three of the actors, though, acquit themselves nicely. Annalisa Cochrane exudes confidence and gives the most layered performance of the bunch, while Jess Gabor and Vannessa Marano stay on a narrower track throughout, but that track is delightfully unhinged. Easily worth a watch.

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