Blow the Man Down, 2019 – ★★★★½

It is so wonderful when the credits roll on a movie featuring strong women and the writing and directing is from strong women – Danielle Krudy and Bridget Savage Cole. Blow the Man down is many things at once, it’s a murder coverup film, it’s a mystery, and it’s almost a “you’ll never do this in our town again” western. Anchored by wonderful performances from not just our two mains Sophie Lowe and Morgan Saylor, but the quartet of older women who run the Maine port town of Easter Bay, June Squibb, Marceline Hugot, Annette O’Toole, and the EXCEPTIONAL Margot Martindale, Blow the Man Down is exceptional from beginning (featuring a chorus of lobstah men singing the titular song) to the smile on the face that ends the film. Highly recommend.

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