Amanda Knox, 2016 – ★★★★

An indictment of the media, the Italian judicial system and police, and our murder-hungry popular obsession with true crime. All three of these converged in a wrongful railroading of Amanda Knox by a police force desperate for  a perpetrator, journalists desperate for their front page headlines and getting the scoops before anyone else (journalist Nick Pisa has exceptionally transparent and self serving rationales for why he pushed the ‘Foxy Knoxy’ line and published Knox’s private diaries), and more than one country’s populous so hungry for resolution that they’ll take whatever they’re handed. Is Knox definitely innocent? Nothing is for certain, of course, but one cannot say that they’re convinced of her guilt beyond reasonable doubt, which, as Amanda Knox says, makes her just like us, in that we could be swept up in wrongful prosecution after random acts pf horrific violence, and that is truly a nightmare.

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