Hannibal S01E03 – Potage – Eat The Rudecast

We return stylistically to the first episode, with returning director David Slade, and spend the entire episode with Abigail Hobbes, resolving her feelings (and possible connection to) her father's murders.

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  • I agree that it is completely realistic that Abigail could be helping her father hunt for girls but genuinely not actualize that he’s feeding them to the family and using them in decorative throw pillows. Domestic violence and incest survivors, while they are children, to survive, will often acknowledge certain layers of their reality but not others. It’s a psychological sleight of hand where one does know, or remember, things but when the memories or knowledge pop up from dreams or an external trigger, they rise in the mind, but one makes the instinctual choice not to interrogate those thoughts. One does not analyze or extrapolate the information contained therein. Sometimes, one cannot think about, reflect on, certain aspects of a terrifying, inescapable reality and still have the ego hold together and survive. So it’s a space between ignorance and denial. That’s where Abigail spent a lot of her life, I think. Processing as much information as was possible to keep living in that house and not completely lose her mind. So that was a good observation I just want to back up as plausible. Fuller says he reads a lot of psychological journals in order to come up with the stuff he puts in the show, so it is not too far out there that he may have researched developmental trauma and family violence in coming up with Abigail’s character and found these concepts.


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