Twin Peaks S01E05: Cooper’s Dreams – Damn Good Podcast

We shake things up this episode, getting our least favorite storylines out of the way right off. (Hint, they involve Donna, James, and The Bobber.) This is a superb episode top to bottom though, thanks to director Lesli Linka Glatter and writer Mark Frost. At this late point in the abbreviated first season, it really feels like the storyline is approaching a climax, and the show is firing on all cylinders.

“Into the Night” by Julee Cruise (with a superb music video)

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  • When you were discussing Dr. Jacoby and the Bopper I always felt this scene was about showing that Jacoby is no slouch as a therapist and had an edge that we need to see so tension can be injected later.

    This scene might have also been written to give a sense to the audience about how resistant to help or damaged or something Laura was. We already know Jacoby is willing to play fast and loose from his dealings with Agent Cooper.

    Here though the the doc performs an emotional vivisection on the Bopper seemingly without hesitation. He just cuts him apart moving right past that asshole exterior taking Bobbie to a very vulnerable place and state over the course of minutes and disturbingly he seems overly comfortable doing this to Bobby.

    I got the sense that this was also done to try and give Jacoby some hard guy credibility so when in the next episode we have that whole debacle with the gazebo we as an audience do feel he is capable of more then magic tricks with ping pong balls and surfing. Without this I’m not sure that tension could have been built as effectively because up to that point he’s just the nice doctor in the weird glasses.

    Overall a funny pattern we keep seeing is everyone gets to show how dangerous and tough they are by beating up the Bopper. Cooper does it, Jacoby does it, Leo does it, Broody Mc Broodson does it, Trueman does it, Ed does it sort of, and Garland does it. He’s kind of an all round punching bag in this series.



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