The Vast of Night, 2019 – ★★★★½

A superb indie film that calls to mind (in the best ways) the wonder of Spielberg, the dialog realism of Robert Altman, and the small town quaintness of David Lynch. Sierra McCormick’s Fay and Jake Horowitz’s Everett are 90% of the cast here and manage to be so engaging hat we can’t look away.  Through economy of locations, long engaging takes, and offscreen co-stars, this illustrates the best of minimalist filmmaking, while also managing to create impressively long camera movements (an extensive tracking shot from Fay’s location, through a middle location, onto Everett’s is particularly impressive.) I was thrilled by his film, going in cold, and I recommend the same. Hands down one of the most enjoyable sci fi experiences I’ve ever had.

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