Society, 1989 – ★★

Had i seen this in high school, it would’ve joined the pantheon of grossout flicks i’d try to get my friends to sit through. As it stands almost 25 years on, Society feels…loose, as though shooting a first draft for most of its run time. It plays high camp at all times, and while it occasionally works, more often than not we’re left wondering if the film is even trying to make a point. After all the ink spilled about the orgy finale, I was dismayed to find only tits on display. Surely this was a ripe moment for boundary pushing dick and balls, right? It really wasn’t particularly gross, either, just writhing pink flesh covered with the film’s i’m sure substantial KY Jelly budget. I wish I could say it offers a legit critique of the class system, but it doesn’t seem to be doing any critiquing beyond “the rich are different…” oh, well. glad I finally saw it, don’t feel I’ll ever need to do so again.

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