Scare Package, 2019 – ★★★★

Delightfully silly and gloriously gory, this anthology film does something that so few do, delivers more than a 50% success rate. Horror anthologies are incredibly tricky, and so often they make you wish you were watching a short film festival with a few of the entries instead of slogging through an entire movie. Scare Package manages to create an enjoyable wraparound story, and land entry after entry with only one really outright dud in the bunch. The most enjoyable entry as far as I’m concerned is the one with the transforming goop monster, incredibly gory and gross, and has the best line of the film: “Hey, that guy’s blood is getting in my blood!” Even when you roll your eyes at the jokes, they’re usually worth a chuckle. Feels as scattershot and rough as The Kentucky Fried Movie, and makes me shocked we haven’t had a comedy-horror anthology yet (that I’m aware of, and Creepshow counts as horror-horror).

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