Palm Springs, 2020 – ★★★★½

A truly heartfelt meditation on treading water in life, stasis, and the importance of love. Sure it trods the same ground that Groundhog Day walked almost thirty years ago, as well as Russian Doll and the Happy Death Day films, but amazingly Palm Springs manages to avoid the tired beats and instead hit both new and emotionally resonant ones. It’s not without note that we’re currently living in a world where day after day is nearly the same, and for Palm Springs to be released within this horrifying reality is beyond kismet. It reminds us to both take stock and be happy with where we are as well as consider where we’d like to be if/when this is all over. Also worth noting the freedom of sexuality exploration that Nyles displays with a simple frankness. While a bit of a punchline, his bisexual experience revelation isn’t played for laughs as in Deadpool, instead it’s another block building his overall experience.

 I loved this film.

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