Packing for Aphrodite's!

Manic Panic is a quickie story following our old friends Ryan and Jenn from A Life Less Monogamous and Approaching the Swingularity. It takes place just before the events of the second book, detailing the night before their first trip to Aphrodite's Resort & Spa in Mexico. Ryan struggles to get some rest, and Jenn struggles to actually finish packing.

Manic Panic – An Audio Quickie came out of a discussion I had with Kat Stark early in production of the audiobook version of A Life Less Monogamous, where we went back and forth on the question of “should we intercut dialog from the opposite narrator?” (ie, me reading Ryan's dialog in Jennifer's chapters) but ultimately decided it would get at best distracting, at worst old, over the course of an entire book. When I sent her the prose version of Manic Panic, we thought it the perfect opportunity to experiment with something a bit more radio drama-y.

This is not for general release at this time, so we ask within reason that you keep it to yourself. That said, enjoy!


Ryan: Cooper S. Beckett • Jenn: Kat Stark

Produced by Cooper S. Beckett

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Narrated by: Cooper S. Beckett, Kat Stark, Emily Sotelo Matlack, Flick Morrison, Ophilia Tesla, Miko Technogeisha, & John Gaines

Narrated by: Cooper S. Beckett & Kat Stark

Narrated by: Cooper S. Beckett

“Shower, A.wav” by InspectorJ of