Hannibal S03E06 – Dolce – Eat The Rudecast

Everything comes to a head in Florence, as Hannibal's time there is nearly at an end. Bedilia puts her drug and confusion filled plan into effect, Mason, Margot, & Alana go to plan B, and Will is briefly reunited with Jack, before getting to the reunion we've all been waiting for.

All on this episode of Eat The Rudecast, a podcast about NBC's Hannibal, and the works of Thomas Harris.

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  • When Hannibal is sitting sketching that painting, did you guys notice that the faces were Will and Bedelia’s?

    • Oh yes, I thought that was a lovely touch. Hannibal wants to restage the Primavera tableau.

    • Miko Technogeisha
      July 15, 2015 12:18 pm

      Yes! Meant to mention this during the podcast but I was winging it without notes for this one. Totally forgot. Viewing and podcasting while on vacation has been a challenge. Thought that was an amazing detail. Thanks for pointing it out!

  • Re: will and hannibal when hannibal’s attending to will’s wounds and has his shirt partly off; tilt that picture frame slightly–does it remind you of hannibal’s drawing of achilles lamenting the death of patroclus from ep 2×11?

  • FictionIsntReal
    July 15, 2015 1:26 pm

    There’s a wide gap between season 1 of Hannibal (or the first two movies made from the books), and NCIS or Law & Order. I complain about this season of the show getting lost in its own artiness, because it comes at the expense of the characters. Jack would not have said something nonsensical like needing Will to kill Hannibal in a previous season.

    For all the talk of manipulation, Bedelia doesn’t actually convince anyone of her alibi. I was less than impressed by the reveal of her plan, which relied on Hannibal becoming much more inept than we’d previously seen him and getting caught before he had time to eat her. He won’t be able to ask how it is Will caught him, since he was practically asking to get caught.

    I had suspected they were referencing Greenaway even before Peking Hannibal with the snails right out of A Zed and Two Noughts. But apparently Janice Poon came up with that without reference to it.

    Mancini insisted on the ethnic slur, as he is himself Italian.

    Bedelia didn’t always seem to be unflappable. For instance, when the investigator brushed aside her alibi and kept pressing forward.

    In the deleted scene, Pitt’s Mason says it to Will.

    I’ve never felt conflicted about Hannibal, since he’s basically Satan with no goodness in him (contra Cooper), but one can sometimes be impressed. Like Eddie Izzard on mass murderers.

    On first watch, I didn’t know where Hannibal was planning on going after the museum. But afterward people pointed out that he seemed to have Sogliato’s apartment prepared. So he would have tried to eat Will’s brain even without the knife.

    It’s Norton’s fault for acting bland, it’s the screenwriter’s fault for giving that lame setup between Hannibal & Will. Although the same screenwriter also adapted Silence of the Lambs, so maybe he was forced expand Lecter’s role with those unnecessary scenes.

    Pazzi may not have had all his original material, but he got a lot more scenes than Margot this season.

    They had to cover a nipple via some sort of placental sack in the horse corpse scene.

    The full line is “like miracles on the dome of a church”.

    I didn’t think Gideon needed to be sedated. He was already immobilized, and seemed mentally as sharp as ever.

    I would imagine after Miriam Jack is prepared for someone grabbing his gun from the holster.

    Because NBC airs previews after the episode, the cliffhanger wouldn’t be that effective.


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