Hannibal S03E02 – Primavera – Eat The Rudecast

At once an episode full of hallucinations and dream logic, and an episode that follows a very straight forward timeline. Will Graham wakes up after the events of the Red Dinner and heads to Italy himself. There he encounters Inspector Pazzi from the novel Hannibal. Will seeks Hannibal both for closure, and for comfort, to offer forgiveness.

All on this episode of Eat The Rudecast, a podcast about NBC's Hannibal, and the works of Thomas Harris.



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  • Thanks again for another great podcast!

    An observation: I’m a general doctor who worked a lot in emergency rooms, and the things that some people have survived would freak people out. In this show, a lot of things are improbable to happen, not impossible. Sepsis can happen quickly, but not that quickly unless is a direct contamination into the blood vessels, so in Will’s case, he have more time to survive a septic shock. He could probably die first from blood loss. Jack never took the piece of glass out and covered the wound. And Alana fall flat in her back. After working with worse cases than these, yeah, the possibilities of survival are low but not impossible.

    Keep the good work, guys, your podcast is great 😀

  • Just a super late note as I’m reliving Hannibal and hoping for season 4. Jews are not allowed to write g-d’s name; it is why he has different names, including HaShem. So in English, we would write a way that is not writing his name.


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