Hannibal S03E01 – Antipasto – Eat The Rudecast

And we're back! Hannibal roars back onto our screens on a motorcycle in Paris, stalking his prey. This tremendous season opener written by Bryan Fuller & Steve Lightfoot, and directed by Cube director Vincenzo Natali wastes no time in proclaiming Season 3 to be an entirely different beast than seasons 1Β and 2. The adventures of The Fells, Hannibal & Bedelia DuMaurier, in first Paris, then Florence, are stunning achievements of television, as well as looping back in time so we can spend a significant amount of time with our old friend Dr. Gideon. Can't wait for episode 2!

All on this episode of Eat The Rudecast, a podcast about NBC's Hannibal, and the works of Thomas Harris.

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  • Dr. Fell doesn’t have friends or family except his wife and there was no picture on his books. That would put a lot more time for Hannibal to hide using his identity but not for longer.

    Great podcast as always!

    • But his picture is clearly on the back of the book that Antony shows Hannibal in the opening of S03E01

  • FictionIsntReal
    June 11, 2015 11:08 am

    I disagree the real Roman Fell was portrayed as rude. All he says is “Bonsoir”. Dimmond dislikes him, but he has unreliable judgement, is less professionally successful and admits part of his animus is due to being “intimidated” by Fell.

  • The perfume Bedelia saw in her home when she came back is actually on a different chair and a different bottle. Hence, we can presume it was Hannibal returning the gesture, except Bedelia doesn’t feel like picking it up and smelling it with a smile.

  • Hi there, just one point: the idea that Hannibal doesn’t want his victims to suffer (and looks at them more like cattle) is a bit off–many of his victims were mutilated while they were still alive–Cassie Boyle was, I think there’s mention of it with Ripper victims, and I might be wrong, but wasn’t that a point of difference between Hannibal’s wound-man victim and Abel Gideon’s copycat version?–Gideon made the mutilations posthumously. Hannibal is *definitely* sadistic in his murders and not much of an ethical butcher when it comes to his ‘pigs,’ and the occasions where he seems to be gentler and not prolong suffering seem to be where he respects someone or regrets having to do it, e.g. Bev Katz (that wasn’t personal), or Miriam’s mutilation (he seemed to respect her).

  • —oh, and that giant purple bruise down hannibal’s side/back–that would had partly come from the beating he gave *himself* hurling himself against the pantry door over and over, so I thought that was a cool touch πŸ™‚


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