Twin Peaks S02E10-E12 – Dispute Between Brothers, Masked Ball, & The Black Widow – Damn Good Podcast

As we move on from the Laura Palmer storyline, much like Garland Briggs, we go into the wilderness. As Hawk tells us this week, every soul must pass through the Black Lodge on their way to the White, and so we at Damn Good Podcast pass into the darkness of season two's horrible flabby middle. We deal with the likes of Little Nicky, Evelyn Marsh, more about Vivian and Ernie, Hank, fucking James, and Nadine's stint as a high school wrestler. It all hurts.

For the rest of the season, Damn Good Podcast will be doing more of a digest of three episodes at a time. We recognize that the back half of Season 2 is nobody's favorite, but we still want to give it some scrutiny. Each episode, rather than going scene by scene, will go character by character and we'll talk about what the show is doing. Hope you enjoy the new format that, hopefully, will take us all the way to the premiere of Season 3.

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