Twin Peaks S02E08: Drive With A Dead Girl – Damn Good Podcast

We're in a post-Maddy world, now, and the “Who Killed Laura Palmer?” storyline is barrelling toward a conclusion. Ray Wise delivers a terrifying and sublime performance as Leland who may or may not be behind the wheel of his own body. We see him slide between composure, meek Leland, and the anger of BOB. Unfortunately, interspersed with a truly great and meaty storyline are Norma's mother Vivian and her new husband Ernie, Bobby's plan to blackmail Ben Horne, Lucy and Andy and Lucy's incredibly irritating sister Gwen, and a love story for the ages between Donna and Bland, erm, Egg, erm, James. The Laura Palmer storyline continues to dwarf everything around it as the shows cracks widen.

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