Non-Monogamy Relationship Coaching

In my 6 years of hosting Life on the Swingset: The Swinging & Polyamory Podcast, I've had the wonderful opportunity to meet and get to know people practicing every type of ethical non-monogamy on the spectrum. Through that, and my time as both a swinger and polyamorist, I've learned how to help maintain balance in this incredibly complex style of living.

I recognize that sometimes you're looking for a fix for a problem, and other times you're simply looking to talk and be heard. Let me be the springboard you bounce ideas off of, and let me help you find your fix. By discussing your goals and needs, I can help you come to a better understanding of how to best serve your relationships, both current and future, and the individual parts that make them up.

I believe that any relationship that is safe, sane, and consensual has merit, and will never judge your style of ethical non-monogamy.

I can help you

• Work through how to communicate interest in non-monogamy to your partner(s)
• Decide what type of non-monogamy best suits your relationships
• Learn to communicate rules and boundaries
• Cope with rule breaking/boundary pushing
• Explore your boundaries and limits
• Cope with relationship drift/non-monogamous changes
• Listen, when no one else will, as someone who has been all over the non-mono spectrum

What to Expect

Each coaching session includes:

• One 50 minute call
• Support between sessions via email or text message
• A personalized action plan, with “next steps” for the next session
• Recommended reading

I want to be sure we would fit well together in a coaching relationship. Please email me to tell me what you'd like to talk about. This way we can determine your needs and see if we have good chemistry. Feel free to contact me at or by using the form here.


For Individuals:
Single Session: $75
3-Session Package: $200 ($66/session)
6-Session Package: $360 ($60/session)

For Couples:
Joint Session: $90

For Triads and More
Please email me at to discuss your individual needs.

Sessions can be over telephone, Skype, or Google Hangouts (limited in person Chicago sessions are available).

Email Me

Relationship Coaching


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