A Damn Good Podcast about Twin Peaks

A Damn Good Podcast about Twin Peaks

Cooper S. Beckett co-host and co-creator of Life on the Swingset: The Podcast brings you a new discussion about movies, sexuality, relationships, books, religion, politics, games, & more, through the lens of those of us who are a little bit different. An LGBTQ friendly podcast.

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Episode Posts

R02: Midsommar's Appointment with the Wicker Man – Movie Double-Feature Cast

If there's one thing Ari Astor has demonstrated to us is that he's a master of creating films that demand to be talked about. Midsommer, one of the most fascinating and debateable films of the year continues the somewhat obscure genre of folk horror. Tonight we discuss it's double-feature worthy connection to one of the [...]

R01: An ITstravaganza – Movie Double-Feature Cast

For Cooper, reading IT by Stephen King in 6th grade was a seminal experience. It marked the paradigm shift from Point Horror and Christopher Pike to adult horror. Promised by his mother that he could watch the 1990 miniseries ONLY if he finished the book first, he surprised even himself by finishing it, marveling the [...]