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lotssWe all realize that, when you work (or play) in a marginalized field, especially one involving sex, it's often hard to get people to work with you from outside that field, as they fear repercussions or simply get all judgey-pants on you.

In my day job I spent years designing websites for the companies I worked for and their subsidiaries and satellites, so when it came time to start my own projects, designing those websites came part and parcel. Over the years I've built my skills and learned new methods to put together sites with a quick turnaround and an affordable price.

My primary skill-set is manipulating wordpress installations and themes, tweaking to fit the user's specifications. Whether you're building a personal blog or review site, an online store, or a portfolio, we can find and build something to your specifications.

To streamline the web design process, we can take off the rack themes and then customize them to fit your personality, via typefaces, logos, artwork, backgrounds, and styles. This allows us to start with a common goal, and eliminates a lot of the expensive back and forth that comes along with ground up web design.

If you have a website that's never looked “quite right” to you, or have that one little irritating thing that you'd love to get fixed, I can help with that too!

Please feel free to contact me using the form to the left with a description of your needs for a full quote. A primary example of my work is the Life on the Swingset site to the left there, but also…you're surfing on one now.

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