Approaching the Swingularity – Sneak Peek

Work has begun in earnest on the audiobook version of Approaching the Swingularity! After the success of the two narrator audiobook version of A Life Less Monogamous my urge to go big or go home really came through. Kat Stark is returning for this book, and she and I will voice Ryan and Jenn Lambert, the couple whose point of view almost entirely filled book one.

Also along for the ride on this book are Jenn and Ryan's swinging sires Bruce and Paige Shepard, the first lesbian couple at Aphrodite's resort, Crista and Alejandra, and the leader of the trip to Aphrodite's, Raymond Horne. Each point of view character will have their own voice over artist narrating their journey, for a total of seven readers in this audiobook!

I hope that makes you as excited as it makes me!

I'm in the final stages of auditioning and casting all of the roles now, and I'm excited to announce the full cast soon. For now, I want to share two chapters from the audiobook, one by me, and one by Kat, for your listening pleasure!

Watch for updates on this project!


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