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Tales of Swinging and Polyamory – Two Novels
A Life Less Monogamous & Approaching the Swingularity

Series: Books of the Swingularity  •  Genre: Comedy/Drama •  Imprint: Hump & Circumstance Press

A journey from monogamy to swinging and polyamory starts with a single kiss. 

Over the course of two novels by Cooper S. Beckett, follow Jennifer and Ryan Lambert who have reached the very edge of their marital contentment, wondering if this is just what modern marriage looks like. When they meet the Shepards, they find Bruce and Paige so very sophisticated, witty…sexy. The Shepards don't seem to have any of the boredom that has crept into their own marriage. They're at ease, they're funny, they're…flirty?

Everything makes more sense when Jennifer and Ryan find out the truth about Bruce and Paige. The Shepards are swingers, and the Lamberts want in.

The next several years of their lives will be a wild ride through the intense hedonistic world of the swinging lifestyle and into polyamory, an erotic journey of orgies, swingers parties, miscommunication, surprise attraction, and exploring sexuality, that ultimately takes them to the tropical paradise of a swingers resort in Mexico.

Along with Bruce and Paige, and other exploring couples, they have descended upon Aphrodite's Resort and Spa, a place of pleasure and debauchery, situated on a strip of white sand beach on the Riviera Maya for a week of the finest food and drink, meeting and flirting, and getting down and dirty with friends and lovers alike for tales of swinging and polyamory in paradise.

About Tales of Swinging & Polyamory – Two Novels

Previously published separately, A Life Less Monogamous and Approaching the Swinglarity are the first two novels in the Books of The Swingularity by Cooper S. Beckett. This book collects them into a single volume along with two additional short stories from The Swingularity. Book III: Constellations of Us will be coming soon.